The Hyde Street

Versatility meets percision

I’ve always considered the Gibson Es-335 to be among the most versitile electric guitars ever made. Then, when I worked with Tom Ribbecke I gained years of experience building the Ribbecke “Testedura” which was kind of like if Ferrari re-designed the mustang. It was a Es-335 foundation but every inch of the instrument had been re-designed, refined and made high-end by Tom. I was a firm believer that the Testedura may have been the finest semi-hollow electric guitar on the planet. Through my years of working with Tom and building so many of those instruments I started to come up with some of my own tweaks and design ideas. This isn’t a semi-hollow guitar. It is fully hollow but has a proprietary internal structure system, inspired by Tom’s designs, that cuts back feedback potential. The F-hole design is also unique. It is not just an aesthetic design but serves to structurally lock pu and stiffen the top as an “exo” brace.