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In the end it’s all about people

I could talk for days on days about wood, bracing, frequency responses, inlay, pickups, design, chisels, and woodworking—I’m truly obsessed with the craft of lutherie. As a dedicated luthier, my life’s mission is to immerse myself in cultivating and curating a wealth of skills and knowledge about stringed instruments and woodworking. This commitment is what gives me some level of command over my craft and control over the instruments I create. However, when it comes down to it, the true essence lies in the people, the relationships, and the connections forged. Crafting a truly special instrument is not just about my technical skills; it hinges on the close relationships I’ve built in the community of lutherie and my ability to understand you and your musical and artistic aspirations. Without this human element, a guitar remains nothing more than a collection of wood.

Let’s create an instrument that resonates with your story. Together, we’ll craft an experience that goes beyond the ordinary –



In my perspective, models serve as a starting point, providing a rapid foundation to streamline our discussions about your instrument. While I don’t perceive my creations strictly as “models,” adopting a more bespoke, “one-off” approach to craftsmanship, utilizing models is essential for efficiency. Without them, the extensive process of creating molds, fixtures, jigs, and tooling for each instrument would be impractical, hindering productivity. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that beyond this foundational phase, every instrument I craft is distinctly tailored to the individual preferences and needs of the client who has commissioned it.

The Church

A contemporary archtop designed with an offset x-brace and high but gently swept asymmetrical arch to achieve a beautifully balanced acoustic instrument with a dynamic range and richness of low and mid-range that is rarely heard in the archtop guitar…

The Steel City

An ambitious instrument this was designed as a “contemporary classic”. I studied “traditional” archtops from Germany, France and the US from the 1930’s and 50’s and used the elements I saw to create an instrument that is fresh and new but…


“The SDG1 is a flat-top steel string instrument which represents many years of various incarnations of this design. Of all my instruments, this one has gone through the most iterations to reach the point it is at now. An instrument that is truly unique in voice with…

The Hyde Street

The hyde street is my interpritation of the Ribbecke Testedura which I spent many years making when Tom. It’s foundation is clearly the Gibson Es-335 which, in my mind, has always been one of the most versitile electric guitars ever designed. Solid hand carved top and back with a proprietary internal structure makes this guitar an absolute powerhouse with a lot of acoustic tonal resonance

Custom Creation

If you don’t find the perfect match among my existing models, don’t worry—I’m here to help bring your unique vision to life. I thoroughly enjoy the process of designing new instruments, whether you have a specific idea in mind or just a vague concept that needs refinement. Whether it’s harp guitars, mandolins, solid or chambered electrics, lap steels, basses, or any other distinctive instrument, I’m up for the challenge. Feel free to share your thoughts with me, and let’s explore the possibilities together. I’m always excited to take on new projects and embrace fresh ideas at the drawing board.

Custom Commissions

My current book for new orders is closed through the end of 2025.

My base price for all Acoustic and Semi-hollow instruments is $8,750

For solid or chambered electrics $3,500

Embarking on a custom commission is a wonderful journey that deserves careful consideration and a stress-free approach. I value the opportunity to craft your dream instrument and commit to a transparent and unhurried process. After finalizing the instrument details, a 30% downpayment secures your spot in my build schedule. After I begin working on your instrument there will be a 30% progress payment due before I go into the spray booth and the balance will be due upon completion.

I offer custom Ceder Creek cases for all of my instruments. If you prefer a custom Calton or Hoffee that can be arranged for the cost of the case. 


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