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Professional Luthier since 2008

“I will always fondly remember the great 6 years Stuart Day was second in command in my shop…”

“…Not only is he gifted visually and multi dimensional in his vision and execution of Luthiery, and very natural in this theatre, with an early background in painting and other disciplines of art, He also is an individual of the highest integrity, and was a genuine pleasure to work with.” – Tom Ribbecke

The Beginning: 2006 at the Galloup School

Stuart Day began his illustrious journey in the world of Lutherie in 2006, honing his skills at the renowned Galloup School of Lutherie. After excelling in the Galloup “Master” program, he earned an apprenticeship under Bryan Galloup, the school’s founder. Stuart spent over a year immersed in mastering his craft with Bryan and Sam Guidry, also contributing as an assistant instructor with Russ Olmsted.

California Dreaming: Working with Tom Ribbecke

A pivotal moment arrived when Stuart was presented with an opportunity to work with the famed archtop guitar craftsman, Tom Ribbecke, in California. Leaving the familiar confines of Galloup, Stuart embarked on a transformative six-year tenure in Tom’s iconic red barn shop, where he rose to the position of shop foreman. This experience was crucial in perfecting his ability to create handcrafted, world-class archtop guitars.

Pittsburgh Bound: 2013 I’m out on my own

In 2013, driven by a desire to forge his path and be closer to family, Stuart relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There, he quickly gained regional acclaim for his superior repair and restoration services, all while building custom instruments for a global clientele.

Slow Life on the Farm: 2019

2019 marked a new chapter as Stuart moved to his wife’s ancestral farm in Western PA, embracing a tranquil lifestyle conducive to creativity and family bonding. Here, he concentrated on refining his instrument designs in a quaint workshop space on the farm.

The Final Shop: Crafting the future in Bessemer

By 2023, Stuart proudly opened his new shop in Bessemer, Pennsylvania, a town steeped in history. In this serene environment, he continues his dedication to top-tier repair and restoration services, coupled with his passion for creating some of the finest acoustic instruments in the world.


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