Stuart Day Guitars

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants


Not your typical shop

In a modest brick building within a quaint Western Pennsylvania town resides a formally trained, world-class luthier with nearly 20 years of experience collaborating with the industry’s finest.


9 S. Main St. Bessemer, Pa, 16112

Open Hours

Tuesday – Thursday: 9am – 4:30pm
or by appointment 

Repair & restoration

Full Service

I provide a comprehensive array of repair and restoration solutions tailored to meet your needs. From basic setups and routine fretwork to complete historical restorations, I have the training, experience, and tools necessary to address them all on any stringed instrument.

Additionally, at a dedicated location, I’ve established a professional spray booth specifically designed to handle my custom instruments and address any finishing repairs that may arise. My ability extends to working with various finishes such as nitro, poly, UV cure, and French polish.

Bespoke Instruments

Designed for You

Throughout my nearly 20 year lutherie career, my focal point has been the design and meticulous handcrafting of high-end custom instruments tailored for discerning players and collectors. With an extensive background, including an immersive six-year shop foreman position and mentorship with renowned Archtop luthier Tom Ribbecke, I’ve been dedicated to producing instruments at the highest tier of our trade for my whole adult life.





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